Make a Donation

Make A Donation

The Ready Room Lease Policy has been released

VA-115 Squadronmates and Friends,

Here is how we can all help preserve a piece of VA-115 history. Check out the Mission Statement for a review of the campaign to restore Ready Room 5 and the lease policy recently released by the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum (SDACM).

What Is Needed

Funding:$10,000 is required to lease a Ready Room for ten years. We do this through conditional donations. When you note on your check that your contribution to the museum is for "VA-115 Ready Room 5" then that is what it is spent on, nothing else.If we do not meet the goal then your check will be returned.

Make a Charitable Donation By Check

  • Charitable donations are tax deductible!
  • Make the check payable to "San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum"
  • Note on your check "For: VA-115 Ready Room 5" This is very IMPORTANT
  • Mail your donation to;
    Evan Nau
    VA-115 Ready Room 5 Campaign
    5170 Reno Rd.
    Manchester, MI 48158
  • Do not mail your donations directly to the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum.
  • When a donation is received I will list your name on the Donor List page.
  • If the necessary funds are not raised your check will be returned.

  • Donate Items For Display

    The Ready Room will hopefully tell the whole Intruder story, from Vietnam through Desert Storm, so any and all A-6 items will be greatly appreciated.

    Squadron memorabilia is highly sought after. Other ideas include photos, maps, monitor running plat tapes, monitor running a slideshow and/or other A-6 videos.

  • Chairs! All of the nice leather chairs are gone. If anyone has a lead on replacing them please contact me via e-mail.
  • If you have an item to donate please check with me via e-mail
  • Save your items until we have met the monetary goal.
  • The Naval Aviation Museum in P'cola has a lot of VA-115 items. If anyone has contacts there that could get some items back or loaned back for the museum please e-mail me.
  • E-Mail Eagle3